TestStack White: Find Elements using AutomationElement Extensions

Have you ever faced the issue where finding an UI element using TestStack White SearchCriteria API returns null? If yes, here are few alternatives that utilises the AutomationElement.

The alternative approach uses AutomationElement which is part of the Microsoft UI Automation API. Simply, it iterates through the children elements of AutomationElement of the White…

WPF ItemsControl with TestStack White

Problem If you are reading this blog most likely means you have been through the same unsuccessful experience I had of trying to get a WPF ItemsControl control via automation ID using TestStack.White API (v0.13.3) in order to carry on some UI test automation.

Acquiring a WPF ListBox via automation ID using White is simple job.…

Insights on Linq Count() vs Count Property

In this post I am investigating the difference between Count property and Count() extension method of the .NET enumerable. Below code snippet sets the scene of what we trying to answer.

As in the previous post will start by decompiling the System.Core dll.

The Linq Count() extension method behaves differently based on the…